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3/5/103 2:22 pm 8 0
Hello. Steve here. I'm writing to inform you that the part of your site that deals with information
on studio tube pre-amps isn't working. This is a great site, and I'm sure to be back. Thanks!

3/13/103 4:24 am 11 0
Is there any way we can post the complaints so we can read them too and vote on them? I think it'd be funny.

FMK-efects 4/25/103 12:39 pm 8 1
I am FMK-efects
I am spain, i see this foros some days.

In ESPAIN have some efects interesting...;-)

and if you see this interesting, you can say this in the efects foro or in this web or other web

Please see this page: and suspire...

All in this web is create by F.M.K - efects.

all free... ;-)

Hellow Joe-gagan , I congratulation, and whit you brother please.

please for my bad write english.

Shaula 5/19/103 3:35 pm 18 0
hi! i'm interested to a preamp schematics in your schem page, but there is no transistor name on it, so i want to know what transistor i've to use.
the preamp si the brillant channel preamp from vox (thomas).Thanks thousand and if possible to reply on email.

pat 8/6/103 7:37 pm 12 0
We need a forum at the Homebrew Amp Corner under 'Sites'. Would be cool.

pat 8/6/103 7:41 pm 29 0
As long as we are asking for stuff, I would like a schematic for my Peavey 212 Classic. Its the '70s version maybe 50W p/p 6L6 with a solid state pre amp. Thats what I would like to change if I had a print, the pre amp. Thanks

pat 8/10/103 12:48 pm 38 0
I should have made available my email for a repy to my inquiry about adding a forum to the 'Homebrew Amp Corner'. I am an experimenter with building guitar/music tube amps. Also having fun converting PA tube amps for guitar and such. My favorite is a Bogen single ended 6L6 driven by a couple 6SJ7 pentodes. Sounds simply phenominal. Another p/p 6BQ5 conversion sounds like hell. This is a great subject that would become a great forum. Lets do it.


ampage Suggestion Box