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Marcelo 3/7/101 6:21 am 4 8
My boss Rocket distortion was stoled, and i miss him, if i got the schematic don't need to see my psyco/doctor HELP MEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Bob 3/15/101 9:24 am 28 0
I've heard there is an Ampage archives. How do I access it or find it?


Don Symes 3/17/101 2:30 am 3 2
I went to try to read the "pros & cons of forming new caps" article, but only got an add-a-comment page. Could this (and the others) be tucked into a section where they're readable?

b. pilvin 4/11/101 10:38 am 8 2
if your girlfriends on the rag.....DONT say "your mouth aint bleedin' "

NIall Cox 5/25/101 7:13 am 49 1
I wonder could someone find the time to post up details of an "Ebow" type device.
Specifically, schematics and assembly details.

I'd appreciate it if anyone with any relevant details could email me at ""

Thanks for your time,

Niall Cox.

Jeff Williams 7/1/101 6:23 pm 8 0
I wold like to see some vintage recording schematics section. Like the RCA BA-^a or the Fairchild 660 670
or Altec tube compressors etc

7/10/101 10:20 pm 3 0
I can't read the blue hyperlinks on the gray background (schematics page)...had to just give up. Thought you might want to change the colors.


ampage Suggestion Box