ampage Suggestion Box


Carl 5/14/98 8:13 pm 25 49
Would it be possible to get the power amp to the Hiwatt and the pre-amps to the Boogies posted.

Richie Hall 6/21/98 4:36 am 9 38
make a time or day on the chat line so it would be easier to get in touch with someone.I repair tube amps, and would like to get other peoples opions on things.I have alot of amp and tube info myself and would like to share what I have.Fender amp repair manual, it lists all the transformer #numbers etc. I like the tech. talk on your page and all the other stuff.

Noah 6/23/98 6:11 pm 42 49
Get the schematics for the VOX AC-30's pre amp. And get the full schematic for a 100 watt Marshall Plexi Super Lead.

John Dillinger 7/21/98 9:13 pm 14 35
How about putting a click-box

"Back To AMPAGE main page" at the top of

the pages? So you don't have to hit the "Back"

button a dozen times or reenter the URL

to get to the main page after reading BBS posts, etc..

Kyle 7/22/98 8:32 pm 74 57
Maybe you should not allow more than one vote per opinion poll. There was an abnormal amount of peavey votes, most likely by a single devoted peavey fan. And why are there 10~ empty Peavey boxes on best 1x12 or 2x12?

John Dillinger 7/29/98 4:07 am 6 41
Send AMPAGE's proprietors free pizza

& beer for adding Duncan Munro's

TDSL2 to their Tube Data Page.

K.M. 7/30/98 11:08 am 4 32
How bout checking the pin out configuration of your 12ax7 tube I think its backwards pin1 should be plate1 and so forth I thinks the pin out you have is revered or every bodyseles is.


ampage Suggestion Box