ampage Suggestion Box


Clive 8/5/98 12:54 pm 9 36
How about the schematic for the Marshall JMP-1

valve/midi pre-amp

Jim 8/5/98 5:53 pm 17 43
You should check the votes on your opinion polls before they go to the page, there's is a lot of people who's more interested on being stupid and funny(??) than being informative, and I believe the section will loose its credibility.Publish only the votes that are really related to the questions

8/17/98 11:58 pm 13 44
stop this page from scrolling to the beginning every time I vote!

Ed 8/23/98 3:50 am 35 49
More schematics!More schematics!More schematics!

anders 9/22/98 9:52 am 6 28
schematics to sound city(200) amps

and laney (klipp)

redmax 9/25/98 7:10 pm 11 32
you should write on the shematics exact power supply like (220V ,15w ,250ma)i don't seem to see on any Marshall or other shematiscs exept some!!

Colin Davis 10/13/98 7:07 am 7 31
Another, to whomever runs this website.....

I have just finished a dual ClassA/AB EL84 power amplifier with switchable bias class which I am told might be of interest. I have a web page with all the test results, pictures, schematics etc. if you'd like to include it.

Please contact me if you're interested.




ampage Suggestion Box