ampage Suggestion Box


boaz 3/28/98 6:24 pm 32 58
what about bass amps and preamps?

bbsailor 4/3/98 5:37 pm 3 38
Provide instructions to construct a FET buffer inside a jumbo 1/4 inch guitar plug powered either by a 9 volt battery, power pack or internal amp power from a ring/tip type jack modified on an existing amp.

Preben Hansen 4/15/98 6:53 am 7 42
Make a section on this site with the following content. Building your own simple/advanced electronic test equipment, and how to use them. I am thinking of the following: Tone-generator, transistor tester, fet tester, and so on. It could also contain references to, where to buy these instruments in case you don't want to build them yourself.

steph 4/16/98 0:57 am 20 48
I don't any change about the schematics (regarding one year ago there is a lower number of schematics I think)

What about amps like Mesa-boogie, Riviera, Randall ... ?

Please give us more schematics about greatest current amps .

ZSKA 4/17/98 10:39 am 35 53
Tube compressor schematics !!

Frank 5/5/98 7:37 pm 22 49
To whomever runs this website: I have successfully built a Matchless Chieftain Clone and would consider sharing it with the class! If you're interested contact me. 516-227-1397

Ed 5/8/98 1:16 pm 19 44
I've got a Matchless Hot Box and a Vibrobox. I want to post the schematics. But first, I'll need a little help figuring out how to get the specs for some of the components. If anyone out there can help, please email me.



ampage Suggestion Box