ampage Suggestion Box


Eric 1/14/98 0:05 am 13 43

You have Got to put a hyper clean rhythm power amp here.

Eric 1/14/98 1:11 am 52 36

Just advertise; "Inside tube amps", an absolute muscisian friendly (and you can order every part there) must read. A 50.00 course on everything from designing, modifiyng and mostly repairing of tube amps (Fender as the example they use); instead of throwing any more bread crums to the peasants (nothing cynical, just a dull joke) I think this would fix everything up nicely.

Steve Morrison 1/15/98 8:20 am 15 43
Would anyone be interested in a Book Review section where people could post their opinions on the various tube audio and music electronics titles available?

Mike D. 1/16/98 2:28 pm 10 41
Have a way to post schematics and other graphics on the Tech-Talk BBS. It's painful trying to describe a circuit with words, and it's also painful to attempt "Ascii art".

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Markus Torvinen 1/19/98 11:08 am 19 49
Here should be a place where we all people can send schems that all peoples can see our ideas and place where are "uncommon" schematics.

Markus Torvinen 2/2/98 11:07 am 17 46
This page need section: HUNTING FOR PERFECT TONE

which includes our DIY ideas like: best sounding preamp, power amp, power supply, efx loop etc. Those sections have schematics there too.

Hamish 2/3/98 7:15 am 4 37
Fix the BBSs to archive postings for longer. That way, so much good info will not be lost and people won't have to repeat it.

Also it can be confusing to follow message threads.

Maybe switch to a NNTP server (usenet style)? Or maybe that would lower the tone.


ampage Suggestion Box