ampage Suggestion Box


Richie Hall 6/21/98 4:36 am 9 38
make a time or day on the chat line so it would be easier to get in touch with someone.I repair tube amps, and would like to get other peoples opions on things.I have alot of amp and tube info myself and would like to share what I have.Fender amp repair manual, it lists all the transformer #numbers etc. I like the tech. talk on your page and all the other stuff.

Carl 5/14/98 8:13 pm 25 49
Would it be possible to get the power amp to the Hiwatt and the pre-amps to the Boogies posted.

Ed 5/8/98 1:16 pm 19 44
I've got a Matchless Hot Box and a Vibrobox. I want to post the schematics. But first, I'll need a little help figuring out how to get the specs for some of the components. If anyone out there can help, please email me.


Frank 5/5/98 7:37 pm 22 49
To whomever runs this website: I have successfully built a Matchless Chieftain Clone and would consider sharing it with the class! If you're interested contact me. 516-227-1397

ZSKA 4/17/98 10:39 am 35 53
Tube compressor schematics !!

steph 4/16/98 0:57 am 20 48
I don't any change about the schematics (regarding one year ago there is a lower number of schematics I think)

What about amps like Mesa-boogie, Riviera, Randall ... ?

Please give us more schematics about greatest current amps .

Preben Hansen 4/15/98 6:53 am 7 42
Make a section on this site with the following content. Building your own simple/advanced electronic test equipment, and how to use them. I am thinking of the following: Tone-generator, transistor tester, fet tester, and so on. It could also contain references to, where to buy these instruments in case you don't want to build them yourself.


ampage Suggestion Box