ampage Tech Humor


Paul Hemshall 9/30/99 8:41 pm 22 0
Just a quick one. Ever been rushing to get some circuit built or repair finished and all of a sudden when you're soldering you smell something and your brain does something like this:-

1) Is that Flesh burning

2) Hmmm could be.....

3) AAArrgh F"$ing tinned copper wire!!!!!

Attempting to Solder with tinned copper wire is the one and only time...EVER!, that your reflex action is bypassed just long enough to let the wire burn.

I've done this MANY times which may be funnier than the story itself.

paul"the schmuck"west 9/22/99 9:27 pm 26 0
here is one for you, when I was a young lad about 12 or so I just got into playing and I was looking for an amp. After a few days of looking my friend said that he had an amp he'd sell me for twenty bucks. My dad gave me the money and we went over and got it. i had a piece of crap guitar and plugged it in and it sounded like shit. Needless to say I had no clue about the workings of a tube amplifier. I got so frustrated that it didn't sound right I threw it out my second story window. I can still remember the bulldog on those blue speakers. yes now I know I was the worlds biggest idiot for throwing an original VOX AC30 right out the damn window. Talk about being a destructive kid.

Art Boehm 9/18/99 2:59 am 16 0
I wonder in OUR lifetime how many times a musician will bring his amp in on a thursday, and say " Yeh, this things been acting up for quite sometime now....BTW, can you have it done by friday??? I have a GIG on SAT!!!

Leo 9/17/99 2:23 am 6 0
This is a dumb thing I did a few years back.

After fixing an amp and having everything working fine, I felt that there wasn't enough clearance between a floating cap and some resistors - so I grabbed a small piece of foam off my bench and slipped it between - so that future vibration wouldn't let the wires touch.

After putting the amp back in the cabinet and screwing everything up - I turned it on to verify the operation - and got silence!!! Just some crackling!! Not even a hum from my finger on the input!

What the heck I thought - then it hit me - I used that damn IC conductive foam!!!! ahhhhhhggggg!!!

"Big Mac" 9/7/99 8:55 pm 21 0
This very polite young fella walked up to the repair counter and states that his guitar amp had blown a fuse. After the usual explanation that a new fuse might or *might not* remedy the problem, he thought he'd like to try another fuse before lugging it in, which is, after all pretty reasonable, so I ask him how many AMPS. he sez, "one". Not really thinking much about it, I figure he must have a tiny solid state practice amp and reach back into the parts drawer and toss him a couple of import 1Amp/3AGs, no charge, figuring that writing it up would cost me more money in time etc. He was gone about half an hour and returned complaining about the fuses not being any good, right? He doesn't want to bring the amplifier into the shop because he really don't have the beans to pay even my rock-bottom shop cover charge, but his face was so long that I told him to bring it in for a quick look-see and perhaps we could work something out. Imagine my shock when he lugged in a Sunn model 'T'! It seems that he assumed that he only had one 'AMP', as he explained to me that if he had two 'AMPS', he would not have to turn it up so loud that it blew fuses. (There was absolutely nothing wrong with his amplifier, BTW, it was simply a classic case of fuse fatigue and the proper SLO-BLO had him smiling in no time...)

"Big Mac" 9/7/99 8:37 pm 55 0
How 'bout the Heavy Metal Kid that brought a 16 channel mixer into the shop with the complaint that "it don't work". Turns out he and his buddies were running the Speaker OUTPUT from a Marshall Stack directly into the Mic inputs -- when one channel stopped, they would simply move on to the next one. Sixteen input ICs later, they decided that the board was no good...

Webhead 8/12/99 5:06 pm 14 0
Recently a friend of mine told he had a broker amp. He brought it to the local tech/guitar shop and when he returned the tech said it had broken cooling elements.

Maybe he thought there was a freezer in there ?


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