ampage Tech Humor


Chris Harden 5/3/100 6:16 pm 11 0
While working on a DIY guitar amp I was sensible and made sure it was floating above ground to reduce the risk of a shock. However, holding my guitar plugged into the amp in one hand while playing with the HT nullified my safety precautions and I ended up with 600VDC up one arm and down the other. Ouch! I dropped the guitar rather fast!

Harry Bissell 4/27/100 10:39 pm 34 0
A guy brings me a "fuzzbox" to fix. He says "I plug it in and I get some hum out of it so it can't be damaged too bad." I open it up, and there is a charred hole in the board, and a 741 opamp with the cover BLOWN OFF
(thats how I identified the chip). I ask "What happened to this thing?" He says... "I was playing a gig and the battery died, so I took the battery clip from an old transistor radio, and the cord off a lamp that was lying around...."

Harry Bissell 4/27/100 10:35 pm 17 0
A Bass player in my band had a "Kasino" mfg. by Kustom
amp. It worked real well, except when he took it out of the car for our first "gig". He asked what my advice would be... I said "Get some spray paint, mask off the
front panel and spray over the name. If it doesn't know its a 'Kustom' it won't feel obligated to fail the night of the gig."

Next practice he shows up with the amp... painted as per
my recommendation. Y'know it NEVER screwed up again...

4/27/100 5:27 am 17 0
One of my friends walked into the Guitar Center wanting to buy some new tubes for his super reverb, he asked a salesman "do you have tubes for a super reverb amp?" the salesman asked "I don't know, who makes super reverbs?"

4/24/100 11:25 pm 8 0
A friend who owns a studio told me this supposedly true story...
A local musician took his amp to a repairer and asked for it to be fixed.
"No worries, come back in a few days". When he came back he asked how much for the repair. "$100" was the reply.
"How much for cash?".
"Great" he said as he picked up the amp, "I'll be back in a couple of weeks with the money".

GTRgod 4/1/100 4:15 am 8 0
A couple of months ago I burnt out my favorite distortion pedal and fixed it last week, and both events were painfully stupid.
I was running the pedal on a wall wart with a jerry rigged 1/8" mono plug so it could fit the power jack of the old-school digitech. I was sitting down, playing really quiet through my marshall turned down at about 1:17 in the morning. Well, my foot fell asleep, so I move over, and I move the pedal so I can reach it. The plug gets ripped off. No biggie, I just connected the wires back on and I switched them over back and fourth until I heard the good old sound of that digitech. I never heard it.

Ok, I burnt it out. Next thing I do is order all of the IC's thinking that's probably what I burnt out. I buy twice what's in the pedal just in case I screw up again. I end up spending $20 and when the IC's get there it still doesn't work! I started to look at the circuit and I figure out where the power is going. I had a battery in. I saw the first transistor that the power hits and I shorted it out (nothing to lose?). Surprise, the LED starts flashing!!! So I replaced it with an equivilent lying in my junk pile! Why didn't I think of that before? Stupid huh.

Victor 3/14/100 11:33 pm 178 0
I once repaired a Peavey 12 channel mixer. The white masking tape below each channel read,
"Kick|Crap Snare|Rack1|Rack2|Shitdrum|Bad|CrappyGuitar|Haircut Guy|Asshole1|Asshole2|Noise"

I guess that he didn't like the band.


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