ampage Tech Humor


Ed 8/5/99 1:36 am 17 0
Try soldering on a PCB with the residue of roach or cat piss - what a won-der-ful smell. Phewuwa - nostrils ruined for lunch and the rest of the night. Uck, should be an extra charge for that.

Frank Bas 8/4/99 10:55 am 10 0
I once had a combo from Evans. After a yaer it started to rattle badly and the more power was added the less sound it produced. The speaker was tested, end transistors swapped but the problem remained. Since the preamp and the peaker seemed OK I decided to install a new poweramp. By this time the combo had changed to a top and a separate speaker because I needed more space for the new poweramp. At first it worked but after a week the same problem occured. The preamp was refurbished and seemed to be OK but the rattle remained. After 2 months it suddenly struck me that the outlet for the headphones was connected to the poweramp with a couple of resistors. When I took it out my problem was solved. By then I had destroyed a perfect combo and spend nearly $ 400 on parts. Since that time I gave up electronics and traded my stuff for an acoustic guitar.

Lord Valve 7/6/99 10:20 am 2 0
A bunch of Radio-Shack-Type Solder Jockeys where sitting around telling jokes about the loser cutomers they have to cater to.. When all of a sudden, it dawned on them that they drive a 1977 OldsmoBuick, look like a long-lost cast member of "Happy Days", and can't get laid (and/or married to the ugliest bitch in town).

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8/3/99 11:19 pm 27 0
I am starting to think that rat and mice turds are installed from the factory in amps.

Dr Rock 7/6/99 5:02 am 23 0
I recently spent about five bench-hours searching for an intermittent rattle on loud clean chords in a VHT combo. After replacing all tubes,resoldering most connections, and repeatedly disassembling everything that screwed, soldered and clipped into the chassis, I removed the speaker in desperation, to find an elastic hair band with a metal clasp INSIDE the speaker basket, clinging to the cone suspension, held by the magnetism. When I quizzed the customer as to how it got there he was baffled...

Stefaan 'Moor' Van Slycken 6/22/99 8:56 am 11 0
Once a friend of mine was thinking of buying a pickup for his classical guitar. He asked the salesman if the pickups sounded good for flageolets, and the salesman said

- Yes, we sell flageolets as well.

roger morrison 6/18/99 6:30 pm 31 0
A few months ago a guy brought me a Crate head telling me it was cutting out. When I put it on the bench and cracked it open, there fell out the problem. It seems someone had used the amp for a stash for his metal makeshift marijuana pipe. I bagged the evidence and retuned it with his bill (only slightly inflated).


ampage Tech Humor