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Audiophile_Wannabe 3/25/101 2:05 pm 17 0
Q : How many Audiophiles does it take to replace a dead tube?

A : One. If there were more than one, they would inevitably just en up cat-fighting about which brand / vintage to replace it with.

Audiophile_Wannabe 3/25/101 1:56 pm 5 0
Q : How many Audiophiles does it take to replace a dead tube?

A : One. If there were more than one, they would inevitably just en up cat-fighting about which brand / vintage to replace it with.

craig 3/25/101 12:59 pm 6 0
then there's always the customer who says:"I used to be in electronics but i'm too busy now.I'm sure it's just something simple like a short or a bad ground.i'm in no hurry for it so you can tinker around with it in your spare time.TWENTY-FIVE BUCKS!!! what's wrong with it?
i'll pick it up next payday cause i've got some bills to pay.

ask the saboteur 3/25/101 3:45 am 13 0
Ever have an amp come in for repair after being creatively rewired by some music store salesman slut who thinks since he's in the music industry he should know some electronic techniques? You know, like swapping the bridge rectifier terminals around to get the amp to work "better"? Or reversing a multi-pin connector so pin 1 goes to pin 14 and so on?

While indulging in the "Joy of Painting" one can have "happy accidents" but does this concept translate into electronics very well?

Amp smoking. Is this a new high I wasn't aware of?

Gee, didn't have any earplugs 3/25/101 3:10 am 8 0
Isn't just thrilling to have a customer who wants to hang around and 'watch'? You know the type, doesn't have a car, only has one amp, had to have someone bring him and his amp over or borrow a car for only one trip.

You make an exception and have him sit in another room, but while you try to diagnose his amp, you hear in the background, "Yeah, I won't bother you. I know what's it's like to have someone looking over your shoulder and asking all kinds of questions and I know you need some time to think and people like that are really annoying especially when you're trying to think. Yeah I know what you mean. I won't say anything. I know how it can bother you. People like that have no consideration. I'm not gonna bother you. You don't have to worry about me interrupting you. Yeah, I know what that's like. Yeah, you're trying to a job and some people won't leave you alone. Well, not me. I know what that's like. You won't get bothered by me. I know how people can keep on talking, but I won't, you can expect me to let you work. I won't bother you. Do you think the power tubes need replacing? Could it be the rectifier tube? How can you tell which tube is bad? I have a gig tonight. I need it ready. Oh, sorry, I won't bother you again. I'm not one of those people who don't know how to keep quiet. Yeah, those kind of people just don't know there's a tech hard at work. You can count on me not to bother you. Yeah, I know what that's like..."

Ask me if I ever repaired the amp?

Audiophile_Wannabe 3/24/101 7:10 pm 24 0
One day me and a class-mate came walking along the outside of the English class, on our way to maths. I said something tube-related. Probably ranting about the 25Watt amp I am (still) planning to build one day. Well, turns out John was having a shitty day and didn't have strength for my ramblings.


Turns out the principal was walking towards us on the other side of the wall. At the exact moment those words left his mouth, we were face to face with the big guy.

Well, John, being part of the student government, got a "nice little lecture" about his use of language. I, on the other hand, laughed all the way through the maths class.

Gregg 3/24/101 12:19 pm 5 0
In the first days when I got curious about tubes I asked the guy at the local Radio Shack store do they sell vacuum tubes. He looked at me very strangely and said:
"You can get some very good vacuum cleaners at the mall across the street!".
In the same time they offer tubes in their catalog...


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