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Eric 1/14/98 1:11 am 52 36

Just advertise; "Inside tube amps", an absolute muscisian friendly (and you can order every part there) must read. A 50.00 course on everything from designing, modifiyng and mostly repairing of tube amps (Fender as the example they use); instead of throwing any more bread crums to the peasants (nothing cynical, just a dull joke) I think this would fix everything up nicely.

Eric 1/14/98 0:05 am 13 43

You have Got to put a hyper clean rhythm power amp here.

Boschtel 12/31/97 0:20 am 48 77
Let's add the missin' details in the schematics.And by the way we could add Layouts for the schematics.

Hey, Mr. Homepageman,

I want to build the Marshall Amp, but I need the missing details in the schematics. Could you send me a mail ?

joe 12/29/97 1:30 am 24 57
Let's make a opinion room room about guitar amp recording techniques

Evan Ladoux 12/23/97 6:56 pm 40 74
Have an article written by an amp guru, on how to actually DO something with the schematics listed here. I want to create a direct recording preamp with the Hiwatt preamp schematics, but I haven't a clue as to what I'm doing electronically. I can solder, and I've got a good brain, but that's it.

I'd also like to have the schematics for the Hiwatt 100W class A power amp sections. I'd also like to build a rackmount stereo power amp 100W/ch..

John mitchell 12/17/97 2:38 am 41 59
You should contact the amp gurus listed in the polls, and ask if some would consent to conducting a real time chat with those of us who would care to ask specific questions.

Dave G. 12/10/97 9:02 pm 80 62
Let's get more discussion happening about how to do cool

inexpensive mods, make schematics available, & share

design ideas. Dedicate a section to mods only, in other words.


ampage Suggestion Box