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David Mills 12/24/101 7:12 pm 3 0
There needs to be a way to fix or update links to homebrew amp pages. I submitted #84 "Mills Amp" with a bad path to my amp page, but I couldn't go back and fix it. So, I submitted it again as #85 with the correct path. Could someone delete the one with the bad link?

Thanks, David

Sean Kilback 11/22/101 8:04 am 7 1
I've changed web hosts and need a method for updating my Homebrew submission.

Could you provide a way of either updating an entry, or removing/adding? Otherwise, I LOVE this resource. Thanks for the time it takes!! Thanks!

Jim Corliss 11/8/101 12:01 pm 4 2
You have a nice site. I've added you to my links on my guitar effects page. Would you consider linking to me ?

Respectfully, Jim Corliss

Doug D 10/16/101 11:27 pm 5 1
Love the site. My only suggestion is to post the email address of the person who is in charge of this site in case a company may want to inquire about advertising.

thomas 10/8/101 10:57 am 3 1


how are you ? please see my vintage/retro recording studio located in copenhagen, denmark at

take care and keep in touch


Shirley M. Howard, MD 9/22/101 11:59 pm 2 0
Please furnish information, if possible, about Henry Bahnson, a retired cardiac surgeon and bioengineer who played a harmonica from the inside of his mouth. Is he still alive? Where does he live? My wife is a retired OB-GYN physician who also plays the harmonica as a hobby and found an article about him in the Wall Street Jounral of Feb. 8, 1999. Also, does he have an e-mail address at which he can be reached?
Thank you for any help.

southpaw 9/4/101 0:32 am 3 0
is it me or is there no way to browse classified ads? plus i cant find the search results anywhere? the forum is awesome, i've learned a lot already!


ampage Suggestion Box