ampage Suggestion Box


Tom 2/13/98 12:42 pm 20 45
There should be a section that is divided into different amps(Marshall, Fender, Vox...) and include different mods and problems/solutions that have been posted since conception. I have been tuning in to this site for awhile now and have downloaded a wealth of info. In my opinion, this site is as good as any tube related book I have read!

bill 2/10/98 8:48 pm 43 56
make an area dedicated to explaining HOW these amplifiers work and not just what you need to build them. this will let everyone understand what they're doing, making it easy to follow and easy to fix problems or design flaws.

Hamish 2/3/98 7:15 am 4 37
Fix the BBSs to archive postings for longer. That way, so much good info will not be lost and people won't have to repeat it.

Also it can be confusing to follow message threads.

Maybe switch to a NNTP server (usenet style)? Or maybe that would lower the tone.

Markus Torvinen 2/2/98 11:07 am 17 46
This page need section: HUNTING FOR PERFECT TONE

which includes our DIY ideas like: best sounding preamp, power amp, power supply, efx loop etc. Those sections have schematics there too.

Markus Torvinen 1/19/98 11:08 am 19 49
Here should be a place where we all people can send schems that all peoples can see our ideas and place where are "uncommon" schematics.

Mike D. 1/16/98 2:28 pm 10 41
Have a way to post schematics and other graphics on the Tech-Talk BBS. It's painful trying to describe a circuit with words, and it's also painful to attempt "Ascii art".

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Steve Morrison 1/15/98 8:20 am 15 43
Would anyone be interested in a Book Review section where people could post their opinions on the various tube audio and music electronics titles available?


ampage Suggestion Box