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oz 2/19/106 10:26 pm 60 2
can some one help me find a schematic for the IBANEZ PUE-5 TUBE multi pedal

gg 2/9/106 9:43 am 19 0
I loved to found here the Marshall 100W schematic
i do need to repair mine but my power-line transformer has burned and i'd like to find also
datas obout transformers and static + dynamic
voltages, measured currents and so on ...
THANKS A LOT for what is already here !

2/2/106 6:43 am 17 0
Great site with some really good info and homebrew amps!
However........many of the sites are outdated and cannot be accesssed.Maybe dump the dead wood?Some homebrew amp sites are no longer available.
Keep up the good work--

Leonardo Plautz Chocron 7/13/105 4:09 pm 15 1

Seems that donīt accept IPīs from Brazil. Iīm from Rio de Janeiro and about 2 months ago I try to open this site and browser returns 404. Yesterday I try again with a little proxy installed, wich changed my IP and the site become alive :).
Maybe others user have same problem, so can team site verify if Brazilian (or other locations) IPīs are blocked.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.

3/29/105 2:58 pm 18 0
I love your site, but you have many old/outdated links. It would be nice if some of that info could still be accessed. If not, get rid of the link.

Andygee 3/7/105 10:15 am 24 0
I currently have an amp for sale on your site(Mcintyre Bluesmaker 2x12 Combo) How does someone: 1) look at photos link as asked for when post is sreated? 2)Edit a post and save changes? Thanks. AG

Tris Mahaffay 2/21/105 2:53 am 15 0
I have always loved your web site!!!\

I always send my customers to you for information.

can you place a benner for MY sight on yours?

or how much do they cost?

i will do the same!

Best regards, Tris Mahaffay (owner)

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ampage Suggestion Box