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Jim 8/5/98 5:53 pm 17 43
You should check the votes on your opinion polls before they go to the page, there's is a lot of people who's more interested on being stupid and funny(??) than being informative, and I believe the section will loose its credibility.Publish only the votes that are really related to the questions

Clive 8/5/98 12:54 pm 9 36
How about the schematic for the Marshall JMP-1

valve/midi pre-amp

K.M. 7/30/98 11:08 am 4 32
How bout checking the pin out configuration of your 12ax7 tube I think its backwards pin1 should be plate1 and so forth I thinks the pin out you have is revered or every bodyseles is.

John Dillinger 7/29/98 4:07 am 6 41
Send AMPAGE's proprietors free pizza

& beer for adding Duncan Munro's

TDSL2 to their Tube Data Page.

Kyle 7/22/98 8:32 pm 74 57
Maybe you should not allow more than one vote per opinion poll. There was an abnormal amount of peavey votes, most likely by a single devoted peavey fan. And why are there 10~ empty Peavey boxes on best 1x12 or 2x12?

John Dillinger 7/21/98 9:13 pm 14 35
How about putting a click-box

"Back To AMPAGE main page" at the top of

the pages? So you don't have to hit the "Back"

button a dozen times or reenter the URL

to get to the main page after reading BBS posts, etc..

Noah 6/23/98 6:11 pm 42 49
Get the schematics for the VOX AC-30's pre amp. And get the full schematic for a 100 watt Marshall Plexi Super Lead.


ampage Suggestion Box