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8/8/102 7:54 pm 9 1
how can you use a cassette player as a temporary amp?

Bill 7/27/102 7:01 pm 36 1
I just spent 2 1/2 hrs trying to find the Fender Pro Jr schematic and mod page @ this sight...what happend to it? Now that I have finally bought one, I can't find ANYThING about this amp @ this sight any more!

Fred Nachbaur 6/24/102 1:18 am 4 0
Another suggestion to allow a way to change links, or provide an email address via which to do so. Not only do dead links not serve clientele to this site, they also persist on search engines if not corrected.

Specifically, please note that my sites formerly at have now all been moved to .

Also, all pages formerly at are now at .

Thanks for your attention.

JD Sleep 6/13/102 12:12 pm 5 0
Hi tboy. Any way you could update the links to my site? in the links section and on the front page to the effects section are old links to sites that aren't there any more. This new link name should remain unchanged for the life of my site:


D. Mark Detrixhe 4/30/102 3:37 pm 3 1
Hello from Houston!
While browsing your site, I came across a link to Small Bear Electronics which goes to an old netcom site that (of course) Earthlink has not set up to forward.
The new site for Small Bear Electronics is:
which can be verified with Steve Daniels at:
I am not associated with Steve in any way. Just a music fan who enjoys dealing with small firms such as his, which deserve the notice and business. Thanks for your efforts also.

Andrew 4/18/102 10:16 pm 4 0
Thank you for listing my website on your webpage:

I have relocated my website to another location. Please update your links to my website:

Andrew's Musicians' Resources

Thank you,

Len Dobrzyn 4/12/102 9:23 am 6 1
if there is anyone out there that does work with keyboards....i would like to see a preamp pedal that gives overdrive to organ sounds. thank you --- a bewildered keyboard guy.


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