ampage Tech Humor


D. Stork 12/29/98 11:29 am 17 0
Hey, how often has this happened to you? The customer complains the amp is dead, but it's just a burned out pilot light. This was funny the first couple of times it happened, but now I'm starting to wonder...

1/2/99 3:22 am 19 0
Excerpt from a qeustion posted on AGA. One might ask "How do they come up with this"


I have a Marshall Studio 15 tube amp. I am getting loud static when certain

bass notes are played. The upper range is fine. I have found through

experimentation that if the amp is upside down the problem goes away.

Marcel B. 1/8/99 10:58 pm 17 0
Sometimes the humor comes from the other side of the bench as profes this little story.A customer comes in our shop with his VCR and puts it on the bench and says:I suspect that my head is dirty.Our tech replys :So I can see, but whats wrong with your machine?

Michael Barnette 1/12/99 1:37 am 33 0
I was working in a music store and a guy came in and said he needed a treblelow for his guitar.

A tremolo, I asked?

No a treblelow, he shouted!

Like a Floyd Rose, or do want some kind of vibrato/tremolo you would find on a Fender amp, I asked?

He then ran over to the wall were we had a used Les Paul hanging and started to flipping the toggle switch and shouting, TREBLE LOW! TREBLE LOW!

R.G. 1/27/99 10:03 pm 12 0
My tube amp tech friend says a customer brought in Crybaby that had a scratchy pot. When he opened it up, he found gooey gook all over the inside. The customer said that he had heard that you could de-scratch a wah pot by spraying WD40 in it. He didn't have any WD-40, so he picked up the nearest next-best thing, a bottle of vegetable oil, and without taking the plate off the bottom, poured it into the hole under the rocker pedal.

Oddly enough, it didn't help the scratch...

R.G. 1/27/99 10:15 pm 22 0
My amp tech friend Bill reports --

While doing repairs at a south Austin guitar shop, I had a customer bring in a blackface Pro. He said it didn't work, and that there was "black juice" running down the inside of the cabinet. Sure enough there was.

When I did some poking around, I found a 20-amp fuse in the fuseholder. The customer said that one night he was playing in a bar and it quit working. The fuse was blown, so someone in the audience went out to their car and brought back a fuse. He popped it in, and continued to play. In fact, it continued to work that way, so he used it for a couple of months, even though it "smelled funny" when he played it.

It cost him a power transformer, an output transformer, two output tubes and a rebuild of the output circuits... as well as a distinct smell whenever it gets hot to remind him about fuse ratings and what they mean.

Richie 1/31/99 8:08 am 15 0
I have a very smart little girl, she has been stepped up in school from kindergarden to first grade, then from first to second grade,[must get it from her mother] she is 7 and always wants to do something, or help me when i'm working. I let her cut wire and use the screwdriver,on things that are mine to learn how. Always asks me questions, why are you doing this or that. I was working the other day on a wah pedal using a substition box to change values of resistors and caps. She asked if she could help. I showed her which knob to turn,and I would tell her to change it while I listened and played.She asked what I was doing this for,and I told her I was doing some tone modifications. She started talking about being put in the second grade, the she turned the knob a few more times and said, this is like doing "sixth grade work"! I started laughing,and said, I think your right! We are doing some high tech tweaking here!! This is one of those that you just had to be there to get the full effect of her words, as they say, kids say the darndest things!!


ampage Tech Humor