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John Dillinger 7/22/98 9:58 pm 38 0
Dr Stereo once asked on AGA where "the

two missing ohms" were on a Super Reverb...

Rock Power & Light 7/28/98 4:05 am 20 0
RE: The sticker on the reverb unit posts, I live about 8 miles from Milton Wis. There are no beautiful girls in Milton. Unless you like 'em big. Well, come to think of it, there was one.... Oh well, long story. Cool site!!

Karl Hunnisett 7/30/98 12:32 pm 23 0
Further to Bob Farlow's favorite motto, a friend of mine used to quote when dealing with absolute morons, "Ignorance is temporary,....Stupidity is forever, and Complete Idiocy is an artform"

Ken from Key Audio 8/6/98 6:23 am 29 0
I repair and rent P.A. systems here in new england.

One day, at a local club, the headline act was an oriental Heavy Metal Act I've never heard of, (but ended up mixing)

Before the gig the band chose to hang in the banquet room down the hall, which was hosting a sci-fi only their manager spoke english, He thought it would be appropriate to teach their vocalist to say a familiar Star Trek Borg phrase as an openning line.

The music began..the singer walks out and blurbs:


Nuke 8/10/98 8:14 pm 74 0
A post in a message board on AOL read "WANT RIVERA M60 COMBO. WILL CONSIDER HEAD."

That guy must *really* want that Rivera.

Paul Markwalter 9/17/98 9:42 pm 22 0
We received the following question by email;

"Just curious... what is a NOS tube, non Oriental or Soviet"?

Dave Stork/Stork Audio 9/20/98 8:57 pm 20 0
I used to work for a shop that handled repairs for a company that sold service contracts on cheap consumer-grade keyboards such as you might find in "catalog" stores. You can imagine the level of intelligence of people who would pay good money for a service contract on a $100 keyboard :-)

Anyway, the notes that came with the broken keyboards when they were shipped in provided a lot of comic relief around the shop; the more amusing ones were displayed on the wall. One of my favorites came in with a Yamaha portable that had most of its middle keys smashed to bits. The note was written in large, ill-formed letters scrawled in magic marker:

"Dear sir... my son done dropped bowling ball on this keyboard and now it dont works"


ampage Tech Humor