ampage Tech Humor


paul perry 3/14/2002 11:02 AM 13 0
A local thrift store calls me in for advice when 'mystery' electronics turns up (no, never got a bargain!). The other day they dragged out a bag of miscellaneous rat-shack type bits, presumeably from some young hobbyist who left home. Anyway among the stuff was a breadboard. A WOODEN breadboard!!! I guess he read somewhere that a 'breadboard' was useful ;D

Jesus 4/5/2002 3:39 AM 13 0
I'm funny.

Hello 4/5/2002 3:40 AM 13 0
Don't do what Donny Don't does.

4/24/2002 9:17 PM 50 0
A guitar player who shall remain nameless had taken the back off his Marshall 4x12 cabinet, which anybody who owns one knows has a LOT of screws.

He's got his head deep in there. I go over and ask what he is doing. He says "my reverb quit working, so the problem has to be in here"

We left him alone until soundcheck.

matt a. 5/1/2002 4:22 AM 7 0
"I need more vocals in the check one mic."

Ross M. 5/16/2002 3:23 AM 16 0
Mic check at a Blink 182 concert I went to..

"Chest, Chest, Testes. Chest. Thank you."

kirk 5/16/2002 6:40 PM 6 0
home,car and wristwatch.
taking up drumming.


ampage Tech Humor