ampage Tech Humor


Ned Carlson 7/18/98 3:34 am 77 0
My favorite is the guy who brought in

an Ampeg with the base key broken on the EL34's.

He'd tried to unscrew the tubes...

Then there's the guy who called in looking for a "fuse".

I asked him how many amps it was..a slight pause,

then he answered "Twelve amps by seven amps.."

A few more questions elicted the information that

the "fuse" was really odd and had 9 pins...

Wendy Bardsley 7/18/98 8:34 pm 25 0
the "made by beautiful girls" post made me think of this

one (I've got one of those stickers). Unfortunately, it's just a reference. Does anyone remember the "master room" spring reverb, or even more unlikely, some of their promo brochures? They featured hippie chicks in hip-hugger bellbottoms and halter tops, posed next to the unit like the car ads. If anyone has one and can post it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Bruce Holcomb 7/20/98 2:34 am 19 0
My friend worked in a music store that had moved to a new location once occupied by a quick stop food store. One day a lady walks in the store walking past the entire contents of the store to the counter in the back of the store to ask " Where is the milk? "

Roy Calvert 7/20/98 4:25 am 38 0
when I was a sales rep in Jacksonville, FL, a customer came in to a high end audio store with a giant hifi speaker in his arms. He exclaimed loudly, "I be gettin' extortion out my wooftons".

When I worked in a music store in Columbus, OH, a young man called one day inquiring," How much be a lead guitar?" I replied," Well, we have guitars starting at $49." "Say, man, I didn't want no damn new one."

Dr. Nuketopia 7/21/98 5:46 am 19 0
"Sometimes I just fan the smoke away...."

Anonymous quote from alt.guitar.amps

Paul Markwalter 7/22/98 3:59 am 15 0
In south Florida, I sold a guy a Kendrick 12" black frame for his SFDR, installed it for him and tested the amp hard cus' that's the way he played and the speaker worked fine. About two weeks later he calls and tells me I sold him a bad speaker. At the third gig he played with it, the first chord he played blew the cone into a million pieces. I told him to bring in the amp and we would check it out. He wanted to upgrade to an EV 12L and while I'm removing the blown speaker, and figuring out how much credit to give him against the EV and why the Kendrick disintegrated, I noticed how bone dry the blown cone was. Then it hit me. I asked him, "how long did you leave the amp in your car", he said "about three days". I said " forget the guarantee".

Bob Farlow 7/22/98 11:49 am 22 0
A friend of my son sent an old Fender amp to me for repair. It had blown fuses repeatedly, so after some

preliminary checking I decided to remove the four 6L6's

but they would not unplug. Further inspection revealed


I had to actually drill them out, then replace the tube sockets. The moral of this story is one of my favorite

sayings: "Ignoranc is temporary -- Stupid is forever"


ampage Tech Humor