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craig 2/28/101 12:39 pm 9 0
talk about coulda,shoulda,woulda stories.i don't what sickens me more. all the 1960s baseball cards i chewed up in my bicycle spokes or all the vacumn tubes we used as hand grenades playing (army).anybody else relate?

BP Dick 3/5/101 8:22 pm 26 0
This one 's from Holland (yes, in Europe)
Some time ago, while I was doing repairs in a workshop, the telephone rang. I answered it and the lady on the other end told me her stereo had gone defective and blew a fuse. I agreed it must be defective and sugested that I had it picked up for repair. Then she said: I already replaced that fuse several times until I found what causes the problem. I asked her what she found to be defective and she replied: The power switch! 'cause every time I toggle the power switch the new fuse blows, too! I had serious problems to keep a straight face...

patrick 3/14/101 3:58 am 13 0
Back in the early 70's when I first got into the electronics hobby, Radio shack used sell lots of parts, and some of their employees actually knew stuff about electronics. A few years ago I went in and bought a few pots and mentioned to the sales guy that the quality of the pots was a little better than they had been in the past. His response was "electronics is one thing I don't know anything about". Guess that explains why he was working at Radio Shack.

Sweetfinger 3/15/101 0:56 am 13 0
A few days ago, a younger guy comes into the store and buys a couple pedals and a Line 6 distortion modeler. Yesterday, he shows up and asks "What's the deal with my Line 6 pedal? It sounds really digital."

Victor 3/15/101 1:10 am 8 0
Walked by a redneck talking to a salesman at Good Guys today. He was looking at a new stereo. Passing by the two of them I couldn't help but hear the redneck say,

"Just cause it's high fidelity, doesn't mean it sounds any good".

Damn, theres some heavy wisdom going on right there.

craig 3/16/101 0:49 am 12 0
i hope i'm not repeating this scenario but, i have an old outdoor western electric phone ringer in my shop in case i'm crankin' some tunes.visualize this:
i just replaced some finals and i'm bringing it up w/ the variac and have my whole face down in the unit smelling for heat and watching the ammeter.usually after 2 pots of coffee.that S.O.B.rings and i just about jump out of my pants.

any variations on this?


brainless 3/22/101 3:56 am 9 0
Q:How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?
A:6. 1 to change the bulb, and 5 to stand around with their arms folded, criticising his technique.


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