ampage Tech Humor


Piggy 12/7/100 3:13 pm 31 0
Just found this classified ad:

Gibson 335 -66, pre-CBS, a little modified. 8.500? Phone: xxxx-xxxx

Dr Who 12/30/100 6:21 pm 19 0
Why is it that all these techs can read a poor-quality schematic in candle light, but can't seem to "schpell" words right? Right brain vs left brain syndrome!

sean 1/19/101 2:13 am 13 0
how do you make a guitar players car more aerodynamic?

You take the pizza delivery sign off

patrick 1/27/101 0:09 am 18 0
Got a call from a kid who's Boogie DC-5 I had fixed last week. Replaced a bad diode and two tubes. He needed it for the next night's gig. He said it worked great for both shows but quit last night. I tested all the preamp tubes to make sure they were OK. Then after 10 minutes I noticed his "mute" switch was on. Turned it off, back in service. He felt really stupid until I reminded him I'm supposed to be expert and it took me 10 minutes to figure it out :)

paul perry 2/13/101 1:19 pm 7 0
I realised I'd been in this business too long when I told my SignificantOther that my jeans pockets had "burnt out".

craig 2/24/101 2:36 pm 12 0
q:how many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?

one to change the bulb and two to argue why neal peart could've done it better.

Fred Nachbaur 2/26/101 11:29 pm 28 0

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ampage Tech Humor