ampage Tech Humor


swamp daddy 12/16/99 8:48 am 15 0
I gotta know - has anyone had any service requests for Y2K compliance in amps or guitars?

Some_Guy 1/6/100 5:45 pm 27 0
A guy came in with a Marshall JCM900 head and told us it was blowing speakers left and right. We plugged it into a 4X12 loaded with Greenbacks and it seemed fine. Didn't blow one. We told him it was alright, and sent him home with it. He came back about an hour later, carrying the head and some KENWOOD CAR STEREO SPEAKERS that he had "just bought" ... and blown. For all the speakers he had blown, he easily could have bought a good 4X12... or maybe two.

I think his next amp should be a combo. :

Padelis 1/7/100 0:17 am 12 0
This isn't amp humor but it really made me laught.

About 2 years ago I was working as a computer technician

in a company.One day a costumer called and he was complaining that he couldn't send a fax with his brand new computer.I asked him to tell me the steps he followed in order to send the fax and he told me:

1.I connect the line to the modem next,

2.I open the communications program then,

3.I take the document and put it in front of the computers screen and,

4.I press the send button in the communications program but nothing happens.

Hope it made you laught.

Stew Freeman 1/15/100 2:19 am 14 0
I love it when some mouthbreather metalhead comes in and says " if its gonna be like over $200 let me know first, man" No matter how cheap the repair is, it usually costs $199.00 Ka-ching!

Low Quality tubes 1/28/100 9:33 pm 74 0
True story, one of my Artist customers was told by Mr Aspen Pittman to try his "new EL34 tube" He gave him "Artist prices"@ 80.00 a quartet. These tubes failed immediately upon switching standby, he called Aspen,who got very hostile and said:Whos working on your amp?,send it to me.My customer said,"we bolth know the tubes made today, are not like the old ones"! Mr Pittman really got pissed,"you should let me tube your amp.I sell Tesla tubes to this cust for 40.a quartet my customer told him,his answer was the same old "I have been in buis for blah,blah,blah......same old GT story. The fact is there is one main importer for these tubes,thier rejects get passed to other companies who brand them, Rubytubes,Groove tubes ect...Sorry Mr Pittman,the reason these tubes fail so much,is the same reason you cant get ice cubes at your facility,THE INVENTOR DIED AND TOOK THE RECIPE WITH HIM.!!!

Mike 1/29/100 1:16 am 11 0
I love it when some mouthbreather metalhead comes in and says " if its gonna be like over $200 let me know first, because that is all I can afford." I am such an ass face, and no matter how cheap the repair is, I'll rip the customer off. Oh, did I mention I run my "shop"

out of my parents garage and I'm forty? Ka-ching!

Yo MaMa 1/29/100 7:39 am 20 0
After looking at these pages,there seems to be just as many screwy "Techs" as there are"People" thier writting about "Ripping off"."Hey",get up and let somebody else sit down!


ampage Tech Humor