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Elwood 10/3/99 3:24 am 16 0
Here's another like Paul's previous one - another in a big hurry situation:

While trying to discharge the filters on a blond Bassman with my homemade clip lead to resistor to probe lead discharger, I noticed the caps would not discharge.

Each time I apply the probe lead to the + side, it keeps on sparking, keeps on arcing. What is this? Why won't these caps discharge?

Turns out the amp was still on. Duh-dummy! What a tuned-loon!

Elwood 10/15/99 5:14 am 13 0
Yall ever have this one?

You make an exception & work on a desperate customer's amp by putting it ahead of the rest, without charging a "rush fee" since you thought it shouldn't be THAT hard to juggle things around & get it ready for his "big weekend gig"?

And you get it ready ahead of the deadline & think "all right!, even though it turned out to be a tough troubleshoot, it's now ready to rock".

Then the customer doesn't show up till the next week.

Well flail me, Goober, that's my favorite mode.


Elwood 10/23/99 11:38 pm 44 0
Fun with Heptodes:

This dual control device saturated with siemans, employing average warm-up and rise time provides for stiff coupling of push-pull and injection for hole excitation. Used primarily in series with charged multivibrators for unity gain to open gated channels with universal bias. Upon depletion of leakage, this device is fused with the input in superposition while emitting load inversion to layered curves. Ripple charge flows with parallel layered pulses for completion of connection. May be mounted in any position.

Rock and Roll!

adrian "fenderman" 11/3/99 10:26 pm 25 0

check out this ad I just found on gbase. pay attention to the last sentence!

1966 Fender Telecaster Neck, , VG, Other, $450

Fender Telecaster Neck dated November 3, 1966. Neck has been refinished, refretted with jumbo frets (no fret wear). Some of the decal (replacement at time of refin) is missing. String T has been replaced. Tuner holes have been routed, probably for Schallers at one time. Screw holes have been plugged for probably 3 different sets of

tuners. There is a broken screw near the Low E hole that should be removed. No nut.

The neck itself is in good shape and the refin looks good.

Deluca Music

Roger 11/9/99 1:03 am 12 0
This is not a dig at bass players so don't get offended, and the source of the quote went on to be a pretty gifted technician, but...

Back in my early days of music (mid 60's) my good friend had just managed to talk his parents into helping him move up from his old farty "Paul" bass amp to a fairly new Traynor Bass Mate combo. When I told him how much better it sounded, he replied proudly, "Yep, 200 Watts RMS!" And yes, it said so on the back panel, right below the auxilliary AC outlet.

bcd456 12/1/99 8:56 pm 7 0
A couple of years ago, a customer called to enquire about repairing his amplifier. As my secretary took the call I could see that she was becoming frustrated. She asked me to take the call. This customer had a *Petis* *amppifier*. I asked him the model of his amp and he was unsure. However, he did say that it had two big plungers on the front.I opined that I was sure the ladies enjoyed it. He said they did. Unfortunately the amp had the serial #'s ground off so I couldn't help him.

Trey 12/3/99 4:22 am 16 0
Favorite customer questions:

1) Can't you just look at it real quick and tell me what it's gonna cost?

2) What do you mean you can't plug a JMP into a mixing board?! (or soundcard!!!!)

3) Will the repair be cheaper if the chassis is already removed from the cabinet? (Oh No!!!)


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