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4/8/99 12:42 pm 17 0
Saw this in a Harmony Central Hiwatt review


Sound Quality: 10

Someone moded my head, taking out the resistors. When my guitar is plugged into the bright channel it is the best sounding amp I have ever heard!

Dave Stork 4/8/99 3:41 pm 8 0
From the hilarious complaint department:

Crown Powerbase 2: "Had it near a wire brush and it caught on fire. Now it holds a charge. Lots of sparks."

Some guitar amp (I forgot the make and model): "Circuit board cracked. Power drains out."

4/8/99 3:46 pm 21 0
Ok, so this isn't knee-slapping funny, but I always get

a chuckle out of those customers who think that a new

set of tubes will fix whatever ails an amp. I can't count the number of times a totally blown-up amp has

arrived at my shop sporting a brand-new set of Groove

Tubes from the music store :-)

4/11/99 1:27 am 65 0
Taken from R.G. Keens "Tube amp debugging page"

One reason that was listed for causes of input hum..

"Dirty tricks - I actually saw this once. The clever-but-misguided spouse of a guitar buddy painted the tip of a friend's guitar cords with clear nail polish. All of them. That took a while to find... "

Sonic Surgery 4/18/99 0:35 am 17 0
A customer brought a Gibson GA-25 RVT amp into the shop with the reverb & tremolo not working. I'm thinking, well this is going to be the usual fun. After disassembling the unit, I notice there's hot glue all over on the circuitry. I mean, ALL OVER THE PLACE! So I tell the customer about it & how I'm not about to even bother trying to repair the amp unless he's willing to pay for a couple extra hours of labor. I also ask him if he knows who did this, and he replies "It wasn't me, but that can help stabilize the amp." I think he did it, but he won't admit it.

Sonic Surgery 4/18/99 0:58 am 19 0
Sorry, this is more tragedy than comedy. A customer brought a preSLM Reverberocket in for repair because as he says, "the tremolo tube's not working." It turns out that one of the 7591s was cracked & had lost it's vacuum. Don't you dread having to inform someone of that? You guys know how much those tubes are going for these days, and if it's converted to 6L6s, how it sounds? The horror, the horror...

Sonic Surgery 4/18/99 1:47 am 17 0
A bass player brought in his Eden 410XLT cab (while under warranty) because his woofers were buzzing severely. After pulling out one of the 10s, it turns out, someone inserted a flyer through one of the portals.

That was probably the only easy one I'll ever see.


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