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3/29/99 3:44 am 11 0
Someone phoned my store on the weekend and asked the brilliant question "How many notes are in an octave??"

Reid Kneeland 3/29/99 6:49 pm 25 0
OK, this may not qualify as humor, but how many notes ARE there in an octave?

A) 8

B) 12

C) An infinite number

D) All of the above; it depends on the context

It's really not such a dumb question.

3/30/99 4:46 am 11 0
I think that the prefix "oct" would pretty well sum it in "octagon", "octopus", ect.

Reid Kneeland 3/31/99 1:23 am 10 0
A better example would be "October". (If you don't get it, drop me some email.)

Anders Westerberg 3/31/99 12:02 pm 71 0
In the beginning, October actually was the eight month. Then two roman emperors (Julianus (?) and Augustus) decided to give name to one month each.

Please don't press the ROFL button on this one ;-)

paul perry 4/3/99 10:07 am 14 0
In about 18,000 years, October will be the eighth month again. The zodiac precesses 1 degree every 72 years or so. As Dave Barry says, "I am not making this up". I got it from my 1890 Britannica (the last good year for it, IMHO).

Adam Holman 4/8/99 3:35 am 30 0
I once had a young man, well dressed, carrying a Marshal Plexi. He told me that it was blowing speakers left and right and that his dad was pretty mad about it.

I hooked it up to a slant cab 4x12 and went through all the checks and could not find a thing wrong with it. Two day later, in comes the kid, with his dad, and tells me that it has really done it this time. His dad is red faced and starts telling me that I don't know what I'm doing and that I should get in another business. Then he walks out and brings in two Infinity speakers from a stereo system, and tells me that his son bought these after I fixed the amp and it still blows em up.


ampage Tech Humor