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Irma Paguaga 1029525611 1 0
I have spent at least 2 hours attempting to register on line for MSN service,for which I have been paying on a monthly basis for approx 2 years, a prom program thur Best Buy. I have not used the program for a very simple reason. The complexity of registering or signing up with msn is absolutely impossible! The Fed's are less demanding than your program. How many names must I go tru for a password??? Now I know why I have stayed with AOL, "SIMPLICITY". I am an investor, and time represent money, if I cannot get or receive the informatin with a reasonable time, I am out the system. I have no patient with the over-kill for a "password". With AOL< I'm in and out with a minimum of time and effort. When your system grows up, please let me, because in the meantime I don't have the time or patients to wait foreve for your games!!!!!!!!!!!!

Toby 1030616155 1 0
my feet are sore and girls are all bitches

andrew 1032542224 1 0
Thank you for linking to my website. I have relocated once again because the last free website host started shutting down my website for "exceeding bandwidth" and started asking for money.

You have a link listed as:
"Andrew's Musicians' Resources"

On your website page:

The new link is:
new title: "Andrew's Music World"
new link:

Please update your link to my webpage.

Thank you,

Howard Myers 1033412590 1 0
In your Reference\Tube data\TDSL2 (for the link appears to be no longer available.
Thanks for an otherwise excellent web site!

Bill Kent 1041217127 1 0
terrible changes to the site

ROSETTA SCHIAVONE 1041360585 1 0
I received a call from MCI, to switch from my long distance co. to Mci,,,,, the promotion was one month free ser. and a 200 min.calling card. I received the info package and find out that I am going to be charged $10.00 for the calling card. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CALL MCI, AND OF COURSE I CAN'T REACH ANYONE, IF THE PROMOTIONAL DEAL I WAS PROMISED IS NOT KEPT "I WAND TO CANCEL A.S.A.P. I changed to mcibecaues I thought you were a honest co. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME OR I WILL HAVE TO TAKE FURTHER ACTIONS I WOULD LIKE SOMEONE TO CALL ME INSTEAD OF E-MAILING. YOUR PROMPT ATTENTION IN THIS MATTER WILL BE GRATELY APPRECIATED

1044678624 1 0
Blah! just kidding, this isn't a complaint, thanks for the info


ampage Complaint Dept.