ampage Complaint Dept.


Gino Iorfida 985756158 1 0
This place is the best! My only complaint... not enough hours in the day to work, be on here and work on amps effx. Keep up the good work!!!

Paul F 987960747 1 0

Not a complaint about the site, but about my computer. These pages seem to take for ever to load (utilizing the hard drive excessively) on my mac, but are fine on the pc, both using netscape 4.7x. Is it just the mac, or do I need to set something up right?

Thanks for any wisdom you may impart to me,


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robert w. elliott 989695717 1 0
you guys should write some kind of deal that tells you exactly,step by step how to build an amp like those radioshack electronics project sciencefair kits like connect this to this you know not so much technical shit about how the thing works. or is there a book like this?

craig 991186587 1 0
ford is a garbage co. i bought a 96 mustang gt all options, including the overdrive transmission. because of this pile of garbage i will never buy another ford product. thank you for your time

Dan 991600225 1 0
Hey tboy, a question. Is it better for the board, or does it matter, if one accepts cookies from adsbfast? thanks, and thanks for a great site.

jia dai 992627911 1 0
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ampage Complaint Dept.