ampage Complaint Dept.


Bill Kent 1041217127 1 0
terrible changes to the site

Howard Myers 1033412590 1 0
In your Reference\Tube data\TDSL2 (for the link appears to be no longer available.
Thanks for an otherwise excellent web site!

andrew 1032542224 1 0
Thank you for linking to my website. I have relocated once again because the last free website host started shutting down my website for "exceeding bandwidth" and started asking for money.

You have a link listed as:
"Andrew's Musicians' Resources"

On your website page:

The new link is:
new title: "Andrew's Music World"
new link:

Please update your link to my webpage.

Thank you,

Toby 1030616155 1 0
my feet are sore and girls are all bitches

Irma Paguaga 1029525611 1 0
I have spent at least 2 hours attempting to register on line for MSN service,for which I have been paying on a monthly basis for approx 2 years, a prom program thur Best Buy. I have not used the program for a very simple reason. The complexity of registering or signing up with msn is absolutely impossible! The Fed's are less demanding than your program. How many names must I go tru for a password??? Now I know why I have stayed with AOL, "SIMPLICITY". I am an investor, and time represent money, if I cannot get or receive the informatin with a reasonable time, I am out the system. I have no patient with the over-kill for a "password". With AOL< I'm in and out with a minimum of time and effort. When your system grows up, please let me, because in the meantime I don't have the time or patients to wait foreve for your games!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross M. 1021438085 1 0
The News Forums have to be changed, too many newbies are mistakingly cluttering them with their questions. I would suggest a help page, or paragraph that appears above the text box when they click on the submit news button, before they can type in an erronous post.

Not really any other "complaints" I suppose, you run a healthy forum. It just seems that this glitch is aggravating people with actual news getting pushed down the list.

Ross M.

Andrew 1019168387 1 0
Thank you for listing my website on your webpages:

I have relocated my website to another location. Please update your links to my website:

Andrew's Musicians' Resources

Thank you,


ampage Complaint Dept.