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Mrs. R. A. Reiter 1114988126 1 0
This may be a trivial complaint, but after purchasing two Maybelline Mascaras, within a month, I am very unhappy with the product. I bought the first Mascara about a month ago and it was dry. I assumed it had been on the shelf of the store for a very long time. So, I bought another about two weeks ago, but I cannot remember what store and I didn't keep the receipt. That too, was so dry that I added a little water to it hoping it would go on my lashes easier. But the water thinned it out too much. I have always bought your products, but now I feel I will have to change to another product. I am hesitant about buying any of your mascara. I am still out of it and haven't decided what I want to do. I'm sorry to have to write to you, but maybe your product isn't as good as it once was. Thank you for letting me vent my feelings.

Kirstie alley sure seems as if she's praising "allah", on her Jenny Craig commercial. Did "Allah" really make her lose 2o lbs. off of her fat ass; does she care; and does Jenny care that she has harmed their images by praisng the lard meltdown to the muslim weightaide king of smelt. you make me sick fat ass, and now so too do you, jenny. believe me, the illness of your weightloss aide will be heard from here and far.....

Mark Tranchant 1111593686 1 0
Please delete my Amazing Bass Amp project at

Cas Azera, Tone-Tools 1107501437 1 0
I ask again, please remove the offensive comments by this BoB Madabach individual.

This is going too far!

Cas Azera 1107291137 1 0
Hi, I ask that you please remove this individuals ability to continue this defamation of our company, he has posted yeat another unfouded message, the patent information is provided on our website for all to see. (order info page)

I hask that you please remove these messages and provent this from happening again.


Cas Azera
Tone-Tools of Florida, Inc.

Cas Azera 1107266459 1 0
Please remove mesage from Bob Madebach on the news page, 3rd from top, he is a disgruntled ex-employee also charged with grand theft, attempting to descredit our compay.
Ampage is a respected site and should not be used for personal vendetas.
Please feel free to contact me if your require additional information.

Thank you,
Cas Azera

Joe Maffiola 1106934999 1 0
on this day 1/28/05 i spent 40 minutes to get achannel (46) checked , spoke to a serv. rep. 1 min. she put me on hold for another 12 ni. and disconnected me I'M FURIOUS< I never recd. any solution!!!!! Can you rectify this problem????? Joe Maffiola


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