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craig 991186587 1 0
ford is a garbage co. i bought a 96 mustang gt all options, including the overdrive transmission. because of this pile of garbage i will never buy another ford product. thank you for your time

robert w. elliott 989695717 1 0
you guys should write some kind of deal that tells you exactly,step by step how to build an amp like those radioshack electronics project sciencefair kits like connect this to this you know not so much technical shit about how the thing works. or is there a book like this?

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Paul F 987960747 1 0

Not a complaint about the site, but about my computer. These pages seem to take for ever to load (utilizing the hard drive excessively) on my mac, but are fine on the pc, both using netscape 4.7x. Is it just the mac, or do I need to set something up right?

Thanks for any wisdom you may impart to me,


Gino Iorfida 985756158 1 0
This place is the best! My only complaint... not enough hours in the day to work, be on here and work on amps effx. Keep up the good work!!!

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The complant box is too large

Pierre Gallant 984681817 1 0
Hello, I am just writing to ask about a "Recommended Reading" URL that was on the Effects page, not half an hour ago (Please check the time signature of this message). It seems to have been removed. I don't suppose that there is any way that I could get a list of the last web pages that were in that section? The page I was looking at had some information about DSP programming, and it was rather important to me. I didn't bookmark it right away, as I didn't figure it would be removed so quickly. If there is anything that you can do, please respond to me ASAP.

P.S. The only complaint I have, is that the link is completely gone from the database, it would have been better, if it had just been moved to another section. It would be even better if this section was clearly marked.


ampage Complaint Dept.