ampage Complaint Dept.


Andrew 1019168268 1 0
Thank you for listing my website on your webpage:

I have relocated my website to another location. Please update your links to my website:

Andrew's Musicians' Resources

Thank you,

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Wow, this thing works?

Rich Clarke 1012418181 1 0
hi this isn't really a complaint but I was looking into building the fender tweed amp (50W) in your scheme page but the schem is somewhate incomplete ie no wattage on resistors not voltage on caps no info on power trans. so I was wondering where you got this scheme from so I can get more info on it you can email me at, thanks Rich Clarke, PS this complaint box is quite amusing.

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Lynda Carter 1010993595 1 0
this was download and charged without my premission and i insist it be removed immediately and i be refunded the two times u have charged me the 9.95 for it. You have continued to refuse call and my next step is to simply contact an attorney. Now get this removed immediately. The person that did this has already faced charges and if u cant handle this then let me know as my attorney will. I have had patience with this matter and this is the second complaint I have sent. The first was sent last month on the same day this person downloaded this. I removed it immediately sending u a message saying i didnt want it, but u continue to charge it to me. I do not now or will I ever have bonzi loaded on my system. I simply dont like it. As my card was misused without my permission, i refuse to pay this charge and will complain to my back about it. Now please get me refunded the 9.95 u have charged me twice.

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Tboy! the date/time sorting at fx-forum is still not working! Sorry...

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The date/time sorting still not working at fx-forum


ampage Complaint Dept.