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07/29/09 3:49:21 am
-- Soraya

  Guitar Insight


07/24/09 9:31:24 pm
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Guitar Insight
-- Guitar

  tim freeman
suches  georgia  usa

07/22/09 0:29:30 am
    i want to reair and build amps where is a reasonable supplier for test equipment,also their is some that you can make.who are some cheaper suppliers on parts thank you tim -- tim  

  jon kerr

06/28/09 0:53:09 am
    Warren- Pleased to see that you're teaching at MCC. You probably drive right past the house on your way to work each day, so feel free to drop by anytime. I'm still in touch with Steve Hall and he keeps saying he's going to come out and visit but hasn't made it yet. Thank you for all I learned from you and Alan Chase when we worked together at Odyssey! -- jon  


04/23/09 7:01:49 am
    Anyone have a link to download a user guide for a ross pc8400 powered mixer??? Thanks -- motownhustlin  



03/25/09 2:59:58 pm
    I like your site. I'm trying to archive all interviews of famous guitarist talking about their gear. Not easy to find everyone, but I got quite a few so far, like Eddie Van Halen interviews, Slash interviews, and Zakk Wylde interviews.

Check out my site -- anonymous


  Guitar Gear Rigs


05/04/08 6:07:50 pm
    Forgot to mention what the site is about - Pro Musician Gear Rigs

We research pro musician's music gear and write articles about it. I think our readers would very much enjoy your site so we'll put a link up to try to get you some more traffic. Keep up the good work! -- Guitar




05/04/08 6:04:47 pm
    Nice site guys. Sometime we should trade links - -- anonymous  

  mark shelton (ampgod)
santa cruz  california  U.S.A.

02/23/06 6:34:00 pm
    now go forth and multiply -- mark  

Brethren  Michigan  USA

12/14/05 8:46:10 pm
    I picked up an Ampeg v4b ('75) and this site has been oh so helpful. I'm also looking to build a small preamp for my wife's 12 string acoustic and the info here is great. -- Paul  

  ken d
cumberland  ri  usa

11/05/05 0:43:17 am
    any one have a schematic or manuel for a ross pc8400 pwred mixer -- ken  

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